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Admission Open for Academic year 2023-2024…… Admission Open for Academic year 2023-2024…… Admission Open for Academic year 2023-2024….. Admission Open for Academic year 2023-2024….. Admission Open for Academic year 2023-2024…..

We envision a society with total acceptance of children with special needs and where equal opportunities exist for all.

To ‘Raise the Bar’ for ourselves a little higher every day and see the world through the eyes of our “Little Angels”.

Little Angels School

Little Angels School (LAS), Mumbai, run and managed by the Human Development Centre Trust, caters to student -oriented learning programmes. The Board of Trustees includes highly renowned individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Little Angels School, Mumbai was started on 14th June, 2002 . In addition to the school in Mumbai , Little Angels Kingdom (LAK) was started in Lonavala in 2005.Our school is for children with learning disabilities, or who are slow learners, or who have been diagnosed with conditions such as Autism, Fragile X, Down’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders. Our main objective is to make a difference in the lives of these students with special needs. Our goal is to try our best to make each and every one of our students independent, self -sufficient and self-reliant, with an appropriate academic, functional- academic or vocational set-up along with extra-curricular activities to channelize their hyper-activity. Our faculty consists of specialized RCI qualified teachers, counsellors and other  qualified professionals, supported by adequate administrative staff.

Welcome to
Little Angels Kingdom

We take students to LAK for 1 to 7 days or more, depending on their functioning levels, to enhance their Activities of Daily Living skills, and help to make them totally self-reliant. At the same time, their parents get a “time-out”. At Little Angels Kingdom, we inculcate values and habits in the students that will enable them to cope with the reality of life and work with others in a spirit of under-standing and harmony. Outdoor activities like trekking, rock climbing, swimming, campfires, gardening, besides indoor vocational activities are also offered.


Looking back with fond memories at the years gone by and having witnessed the growth of our ‘Little Angels Family’, my mind recalls a host of warm memories. I planted the seeds of this institution with the help of parents, trustees, friends and well-wishers, and have seen it grown beyond my vision.

In a constant drive to raise the bar for ourselves we are in the process of reinventing, re-designing, re-structuring & re-naming our creative section from Kalanidhi to “Angels Couture”. We are stretching our boundaries & experimenting with kurtas, pants, carpet slippers, bags, paintings, farm house diyas, hand crafted soaps, body scrubs, bath salts & many more to come. Your interest in our products acts as an insulin for us. Come give us a shot!