Application Process

  • Accepting the Child’s difficulties and making the first move to provide special education to the child is a daunting task. Here at Little Angels we understand the emotions of a parent taking this step. We are here to help. 

    1) Parents seek an appointment with L.A.S.’s help desk.
    2) On the appointed day and time, the parents bring their child along with all medical / educational reports, for an interview by our team of professionals.
    3) The admission form is to be filled up and further processes complied with.

    Note : A month’s observational period is compulsory to enable the qualified professionals to assess and evaluate the functioning level of the child and further place the child into the school programmes.
We Provide Admission to children facing the given challenges..

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) »
Fragile X Syndrome »
Learning Disability »
AUTISTIC / P.D.D.(Pervasive Developmental Disorder) »
Behavioral Disorder »
Slow Learner »