Kalanidhi Production Centre

Kalanidhi started in 2015, where students would learn & earn simultaneously on home ground. Some under the supervision of the teachers & some entirely on their own. Surprisingly one vocation programme turned into a greenhouse for nurturing talents. A wide array of training programs are offered that equip a student  with demonstrable skills These programs have been designed and are delivered by experienced and certified trainers. Training is given for vocational areas like carpentry ,tailoring, music, painting, printing, creative bead work, paper folding,culinary  combined with daily living skills.Focus is more on self dependency where in he/she can understand social responsibility and participate as a contributing member in society.

Vocational section offers the following courses designed by Little Angels School:

  • The holistic skill department
  • Carpentry course
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Visual arts and crafts course

After three years of vocational training, the students are placed in a work environment sourced by the school and the parents. Their internships may be at sheltered workshops, mainstream work places, family business or work from home.

The holistic skill development

Holistic Development is an approach to learning that emphasises the importance of the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of children. It helps children to connect with the world around them and learn in a way that differs from the conventional form of schooling.

Carpentry Course

Building items for personal use requires learning basic carpentry skills as the first step ,which we start by learning foundational skills and also learn how to use hand and power tools. Learning about carpentry involves physical stamina, strength and manual dexterity.The course is supervised by a professional teacher wherein a student creates a product and the same products is  beatified or given an aesthetic appearance by selecting the colours, materials and finishes.Some product examples are photo frames, canvass frames, tissue boxes, pen stand, wooden box organiser, tray, boxes etc.

Hospitality and catering

Food and hospitality is the study of preparing, presenting and serving food and beverages, and providing hospitality services. Hospitality jobs requires soft skills , because it feeds the most basic human need that we all have, to feel loved and accepted. That is not something to overlook. There is a surplus of beauty in providing space for others to feel important, cared for and genuinely loved. It allows us to nurture. Cooking is a therapeutic activity that provides cognitive and physical benefits. These cognitive benefits are achieved through incorporating the use of problem solving, sequencing, time management, and concentration skills, while the physical benefits derived from cooking include: fine motor skills development; improved range of motion; and increased muscle strength and balance. All these are created in the classroom interiors, well equipped with electrical and non electrical equipments and instruments like a wet / dry grinder, OTG, microwave, induction stove, refrigerator, dough mixer, weighing scale, sealing machines, etc. Pre cooking skills as well as cooking skills using dry heat methods, moist heat methods, a combination of both as well as food enhancing skills like fermentation, germination and combination are used.

Visual arts and crafts course

Training is imparted to a student with hands on experience using the laptops,interactive boards and other IT equipments placed in each classroom, herein they learn about painting, colour combinations, numbering, sequencing using graphics, they also play puzzles and do basic mathematics to give another boost to the student’s morale, we further decided to add a zing to the vocational centre by renaming it Angels Couture into February 2021.

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