Little Angels Kingdom (Lonavala)

  • The Little Angels Kingdom is a training centre, which provides an all round development to the students and trains them to be independent. A home away from home, we hope to wean the students from their near and dear ones and make them self reliant. Our main focus is on developing children’s skills of thinking, analyzing, making choices and on inculcating the values and habits that will enable them to cope with reality and work with others in a spirit of understanding and harmony. 

    Here, they will be involved in different projects to handle their daily requirements, personal habits and hygiene and all round development which will provide the students with maximum skills, values and practical training in their day to day life. Outdoor programmes like trekking, rock climbing, camp fire and various other activities will inculcate the abilities of self-confident, self esteem in these students and make them self supportive. This programme which extends from a week to 15 days (depending on the functioning level of the student) is incorporated in the school syllabus.
  • Our Key Factors : Little Angels Kingdom
  • – 17 years Legacy
  • – 42 thousand Square Feet (1 acre)
  • – Beautifully Landscape Area