Little Angels School

Our Vision

To empower our ‘Little Warriors’ with the weapons to fight the “war of life” because we at Little Angels believe that the journey is more important than the destination.

Our Mission

To ‘Raise the Bar’ for ourselves a little higher every day and see the world through the eyes of our “Little Angels”.


We want to reach out to all children with Special needs and give them quality training.

We hope to help enhance social awareness about differently-abled children through our unique inclusion of the so-called ‘normal children’ into our school. This has the dual benefit of inspiring our differently-abled students, as well as sensitizing ‘normal’ students to the needs of the Special community.

Imparting quality education and training to children with special needs, thereby helping enhance their self esteem, and enabling them to be part of our society.

Generating a platform for holistic personality development of differently abled children by ensuring they develop their ‘self-help’ skills at our off-site location “Little Angels Kingdom”, Lonavala.