Parents Teachers Association

In its constant effort to help children blossom to the best of their abilities, Little Angles created the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in October 2010. The primary aim of the PTA was to help bridge the gap between the parents and the school management by involving elected members of the parent community to have an active role in decisions regarding the management of school affairs. It would encourage a unified approach between parents and the management, thus helping align their goals for the benefit of the children. The PTA committee at Little Angels School comprises of hardworking and dedicated parents that are motivated to put in their best for the welfare of the school, the children and their fellow parent community. The PTA has representation from all sections of the school. This enables a holistic approach towards problem solving. In its endeavor to help parents cope with the arduous task of bringing up special children, the PTA organizes lectures and workshops by eminent doctors, psychiatrists, child educators, etc for parents. These programs have the dual benefit of educating parents and acting as a problem solving forum for them. The PTA at Little Angels takes pride in the fact that its members, in spite of their hectic lives, take time out to attend the bi-monthly committee meetings. “Anything for the children”, is all they smile and say.