Age Group : 4 years and above

This programme offers academics from pre-primary onwards, which lays down the foundation for further learning at the primary, secondary and senior secondary levels.
Around age 14 the students are assessed to ascertain if they are suitable to appear for the National Institute of Open Schooling (An autonomous institution under Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India). -Xth & XIIth.

Functional Academic

Age Group : 8 years to 18 years

This programme offers a Functional curriculum to students who do not fulfill the criteria of Academics. This curriculum lays emphasis on making the students independent through functional life skills, including the basics of academics.

Life Enrichment

Age Group : 4 years to 16 years

This programme offers development of various motor skills like fine, gross etc. to the students. This programme also assists the students to interact with his/her environment as independently as possible. It enhances the basic areas of Functional , Communicational, Interpersonal, Independent living, Leisure and Pre-vocational skills.